Write An Application To The Manager Requesting Leave For Mundan Ceremony In English

The Managing Director
Zesty Zingers
Loch Ness Road, Texas

Subject – Application for the request of leave for mundan ceremony


With all due respect and honour, I would request a leave for tomorrow i.e.18th of May 2022 because of my daughter’s mundan ceremony. My daughter has come to the right age for the mundan ceremony. For us Hindus, we take this ceremony to its utmost seriousness. mundan is one of 16 purification rituals known as Shodasha Samskara.

The ceremony is believed to rid the baby of any negativity from their past life while promoting mental and spiritual development. My grandparents want to make this into a big event especially because this is their first grandchild.

Concerning this, I would like to take leave tomorrow to take care of my daughter. I have requested Mr Calvin to do the required work for tomorrow. I assure you that I will be back to resume my work by the 19th of May 2022.

I, therefore, kindly request you to grant me my leave for which I shall remain forever grateful.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,
Liam A
Zesty Zingers
Loch Ness Road, Texas