Write An Application To The Manager Requesting Leave For Navaratri Pooja In English

The Managing Director
Met Connect
MG Road, Bangalore

Subject – Application for the request of leave for Navaratri pooja


With all due respect and honour, I would like to state that I would like to request a leave for nine days i.e. 13-03-2022 till the 21-03-2022 because of the occasion of navaratri pooja. Navaratri is celebrated as the Durga Puja festival in West Bengal. It is the most important annual festival to Bengali Hindus and a major social and public event.

I will be back to resume my work by 22-03-2022 with no delay. I have submitted all assignments to our captain in charge for the upcoming presentation. I have also requested miss Sudan to do the necessary works for my time in absence.

I, therefore, kindly request you to grant me my leave for which I shall remain forever grateful.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,
Liliana A
Met Connect
MG Road Bangalore