100 Words Paragraph On Child Labour In English

In India, child labour has always been a serious issue. Several publications have claimed that child labour only forces the economy into a different equilibrium. This balance is unfavourable. The alternative is not much better for a developing nation like India. Children not working maintains the economic equilibrium and the poverty-driven cycle. Without the government’s … Read more

100 Words Paragraph On Online Courses In English

Online courses are a technique to teach younger people knowledge, values, and skills in addition to using technology in the educational system. The advent of online education has drastically altered the situation of the established educational system. Throughout the pandemic, online learning became commonplace. Online classes were a godsend when the schools were closed and … Read more

100 Words Paragraph On Climate Change In English

Climate change is the term used to describe any change in a region’s typical temperature or weather. Humans are experiencing more unwelcome rainfall, hotter summers, and harsher winters than ever as a result. The temperature may sharply increase as a result of climate change. Climate change is making the planet’s environment worse. All life on … Read more

100 Words Paragraph On College Life In English

College life is a once-in-a-lifetime event that profoundly influences our personalities and destiny. Our daily experiences in college expose us to new things, many of which we were previously unaware of. During their college years, many students engage in extensive partying and maximise their enjoyment of life. When in college, they adopt a distinct style … Read more

100 Words Paragraph On Cleanliness In English

If we practise cleanliness, more things are coming our way since cleanliness is a blessing. Maintaining cleanliness includes keeping our environment clean as well as keeping one’s self and home tidy. We can stop the transmission of germs by keeping our environment clean since germs land on the litter and infect us. The flu, hepatitis, … Read more

100 Words Paragraph On Covid 19 In English

Coronavirus, commonly referred to as Covid-19, is a contagious illness. It disrupts the respiratory system of humans, making breathing challenging. It is an infectious ailment that is spreading like wildfire over the world. The virus was originally found in Wuhan, China, in 2019. The WHO designated Covid-19 as a global pandemic in March. The infection … Read more

100 Words Essay On Taj Mahal In English

The Taj Mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum. It is located in Agra, India. “Taj Mahal” means “crown of palaces” in Urdu and Persian. It is extremely gigantic and beautiful and is visited by a lot of foreigners. People are left in wonderstruck after the visit. Shah Jahan, in order to perpetuate the memory of … Read more

100 Words Essay On Summer Season In English

Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, occurring after spring and before autumn. The weather is hot, humid and dry. In this season, days are longer and nights are shorter. This is a season that differs in various kinds of countries. Cucumber, white Onions, pumpkin and spinach grows very well during Summer season. … Read more

100 Words Paragraph On Computer In English

Nowadays, living without a computer is unimaginable. The development of computers enabled many people to realise their ambitions. The computer can be used for numerous things, including information storage, software development, programming, calculating, email, and many other things. As fundamental components of a computer, a monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, and UPS are included. A computer … Read more