100 Words Essay on Ecology in English

The study of the relationship amongst all living organisms, how they interact with the environment around them is called ecology. It is a field of study. It is derived from the Greek word, a well known fact to keep in mind is that the word ecology was coined by the German zoologist Ernst Haeckel. This field of study has evolved ad has been ever evolving till this very day. The most significant changes that are seen is that there  have been the conversion of forests and grasslands into cropland, the diversion and storage of freshwater behind dams, and the loss of mangrove and coral reef areas. The causes for changes in the ecosystem are climate change, food production, and urbanization. Few of the amazing facts on ecology are 127,000 trees get cut down every day to make toilet paper alone, humanity uses an estimated 80 trillion aluminum cans every year and glass takes at least 4000 years to break down in full.