100 Words Essay on Dog a Faithful Partner in English

Dogs are regarded as man’s best friend. They can be extremely loyal and obedient if well trained and loved. Being loyal and faithful to their owner who showers love and care to the dog is essential for them as being loyal is a part of their survival instinct. Dogs can be extremely intelligent as well. With love and care given to the dogs they become faithful and loyal, this is a sign of them being grateful to you. The loyalty of a dog can be overwhelming and humbling. Dogs come from the descendants of wolves. They also run in a pack and prefer to run in a pack. For a dog, your family is its pack. There is also a very popular story that went viral worldwide about a dog named Hachito, the loyal dog who used to greet his owner each day at the train station after work – and continued to wait for him for nine years after he died. This was turned into a movie and has moved so many hearts.