Short Essay on Park in English for Students

A park is a place where there are many trees and plants and also swings for children. It is a place for enjoyment where children and people can go to walk, run, play or sit. A park can be of different size.

A park can be big or small. It can have different things because they are made for a different purpose. Some parks have many swings for children. Swings like a merry-go-round, see-saw, slides are placed where all children can enjoy together. Some parks are for adults and they have fitness equipment, walking path and benches for old people.


People go to the park for many reasons. Children go to a park in the evening to play with friends. Some teachers and parents also take them to the park for a picnic. Many people go there in the morning or in the evening for a walk to enjoy the greenery and breathe fresh air. Some go in groups to do exercise and yoga together. Some people go there to do activities like reading, painting or cycling.

Parks play a very important role in society. They help people to stay healthy and fit. walking on grass and staying around a lot of trees is very healthy. It also reduces stress and makes people happy. People meet their friends and spend quality time. Parks are a safe place for children where there are no vehicles and they can play there safely. Parks also make our society look beautiful and green. Trees are planted here and it is also good for the environment.

Today people remove the parks to make buildings and houses. Children play on the road and they are unsafe. Trees are not planted around and this affects our environment badly. We must all have one park in an area and keep it clean and green.