Short Essay on Verghese Kurien in English

Varghese Kurien was an Indian businessman who is known as ‘Milkman of India’. Due to his new ideas, the milk business in India grew so much that India became the world’s largest milk producing country. He is also known as ‘Father of the White Revolution’.

He was born in Kerala. He studied engineering. As a student, he had gone to New Zealand and Australia to learn about milk farming. After returning to India, he started working in an office called ‘Anand’ which is now in Gujarat.

Verghese Kurien

He invented the idea of making milk powder from buffalo milk. Many people were saying that milk powder can be made from only cow milk but Kurian proved them wrong.

He organized milk farmers so that they can gain directly from the business. His business farm is today known as ‘Amul’ company. India used to depend on other countries to get milk powder but slowly the business plan created by Kurien changed it. His ideas were used in the whole country.

He helped countries like Russia, Pakistan, China and Sri Lanka to develop their milk industries. He was known across the world for his leadership quality. He challenged foreign countries who were trying to control the milk business in the world.

He got so many awards for his life-long works. He always focused on the work. He always wanted to help the poor people of India. He empowered millions of milk farmers. His life teaches us about the importance of determination and hard work.