Essay on I want to be an Astronaut in English

I have a dream to become an astronaut when I grow up. An astronaut is a person who goes to space in a spacecraft and study the universe.

The reason why I want to become an astronaut is because I love the sky, stars, planets, asteroids. It looks like a mystery to me and I want to know more about it. I want to know how it feels like and how it looks like above the sky. I see the sun, moon stars in the sky in the morning and at night. They all look so beautiful but very far. I feel like I want to go and see them from close or touch their land. I want to know how far is the moon, how hot is the sun and how many stars are there.

Once I saw an astronaut on tv and she showed how everything was flowing in the space. When she poured water from the bottle, it flew upward in many drops. All that was looking like a magic to me and I want to do it too. I also love the suit and helmet that the astronauts wear because it looks very strong and powerful.

I want to be an astronaut so that I can know if life is possible on any other planet. I want to send information about other galaxies, black holes, stars and other planets on my planet Earth. This will help scientists to know about the universe well. When I will become an astronaut, I will see how Earth looks from above because it looks beautiful in pictures. I will contact on my planet and tell everything that I will feel to my family and all people on Earth. I will value my planet more when I will come back.