Short Essay on Happiness in simple English

Happiness is an emotion which we feel when we are full of joy. It is when a person is able to satisfy herself. Quality of satisfaction with life is the quality of happiness. It makes us positive. All of us try to get happiness all the time.

When a person does something really good, he feels happy. If we hurt others, we become unhappy in the end. If we make others happy then it creates happiness in us too. It affects our mood. A happy mood gives us the energy to work our best but an unhappy mood takes away the energy.


In a good society, people live happily. Happiness is related to the world in which we live. If we live in a bad world than most of the time, we remain unhappy. One alone cannot be happy if others are unhappy. It comes from our own actions. Happiness doesn’t come from depending on others. One should not hate others. Worrying too many causes unnecessary pain. Living in the present is happiness.

We go for a vacation to take rest from the busy life. In vacation, we play and see new things. Seeing new things and knowing about them makes us happy. When we are in pain, we must know that it is only in mind. If we learn the habit to look at what is beautiful in life, we can be happy.

Without happiness, there is no beauty. In our life, we should learn to focus on the positive side. Happiness comes from such a state of mind.