10 Lines on Park

  1. A park is a very beautiful place consisting of green grass, flowers of different colors, footpaths, and games for children
  2. It has benches to sit, swings and seesaws to play and footpaths to walk on.
  3. People visit the parks mostly in the morning and evening.
  4. In the morning time, people mostly come for a morning walk and in the evening time, they spend their leisure time.
  5. In the evening a lot of children come to the park with their parents and play with each other. It helps them to refresh their minds after a long day of study.
  6. The old people also visit the parks regularly and talk to each other.
  7. The adults also find peace in the park after working hard during the day time.
  8. I often go to the park in the evening with my family and play games with my friends. 
  9. My parents keep walking on the footpath along with the flower beds
  10. Every person must go to the park.