My Favourite Season Essay

A season is a period of the year that is characterized by special climate conditions. There are four major seasons we are blessed with, to relish every year, namely- Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall) and Winter. Each season holds its own importance and distinctiveness.

My favourite season of the year is Summer. The weather is warm during the summer. It encourages me to participate in outdoor activities.

Our school remains closed for nearly two months, which I believe is the best part. During the vacations, I am also allowed to sleep for longer hours. I get to engage in numerous fun activities.

The summer months are relaxing and free from the time-bound duties I am expected to perform, every day, throughout the year. I am able to enjoy late-night movies with my friends and parents without worrying about assignments and homework.

I go to waterparks and play until I am exhausted and dive into a cold pool of water, to rejuvenate in the end. I also visit my grandparents who pamper me without limit.

In summer holidays, I also go to picnics with my extended family. We pack all the necessary items and belongings beforehand. I truly enjoy every aspect of it. We usually travel to distant countryside locations. The thing that I admire the most is the journey to. I feel like travelling to the end of the world.

On summer evenings my mom and dad cook different dishes together in the open air. I also lend a hand to them by washing a few dishes and setting the tables.

Later, in the evening we all sit in the open air and snack together. Additionally, my father plays an old 80s song at the backdrop to add ambiance to the setting.

The summer season is sentimental to me. The fun activities, the late-night movies, the hearty laughs with my friends and family will all remain an integral part of me no matter where I am tomorrow. I see values and love and wisdom in them, which I believe, are worth cherishing and treasures of a lifetime.