9 Poems About Spring Season

It is no secret that of all the four seasons, spring is a favourite for most. Find it inspirational as well? There are numerous reasons for that including the regrowth and rejuvenation that it brings to life. Flourishing leaves, blossoming flowers and the warm weather have proven to be a source of inspiration for numerous writers.

That might explain why spring is a preferred subject in most poems. Lots of metaphysical sonnets and lyric poems have been composed courtesy of this alluring season. Here is an exclusive anthology of the finest spring poems out there:

‘The Trees’ by Philip Larkin

The poem was first published in 1974 within Philip Larkin’s High Windows. It is a short lyric poem with a trenchant touch, speaking boldly of the attributes of modern life.

Moreover, the poem goes on to confirm that spring is a rebirth in addition to highlighting its cycle. Nonetheless, Larkin does not shy away from acknowledging the presence of death after all that spring glamour. 

‘Lines Written in Early Spring’ by William Wordsworth

The poem is written by William Wordsworth, a prominent poet who boasts of a remarkable collection of jaw-dropping poems. As much as it is not one of his best works, the poem is still a perfect description of the beauty that comes with spring.

‘Lines Written in Early Spring’ brings out the idea of romance in a very unique manner. William employs satirical comedy in expressing his love for the season while recounting what he has become.  

‘Spring’ by William Blake

‘Spring’ is an epic definition of spring poetry. It is a masterpiece put together by Blake. It was published for the first time in 1789 in Songs of Innocence by the same author

However, it has managed to stand the test of time as it continues to wow poetry enthusiasts. Blake utilizes his immense creativity in breaking down what he treasures about the season. In general, the poem explores and celebrates all the fun that the season bears. 

‘A Light Exists in Spring’ by Emily Dickinson

This poem resonates with the adage that old is gold as it was published over a century ago. Just like other poems on this list, it delves into the elegance that spring brings out not only to the environment but also our consciousness. Emily Dickson the author particularly dwells on the after effect of the season and its effect on our piece of mind.   

‘Spring’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Gerard Hopkins has cemented his position among the world’s most skilled writers with a number of publications. ‘Spring’ is no different as it brings out the best of what Hopkins has to offer.

With a powerful choice of words and a relevant theme, the writer brings out a notable spring poem. In addition to that, the poem vibrantly makes use of extraordinary alliteration and assonance. This phenomenal piece reminds us of the alluring bloom that spring provides. 

‘Loveliest of Trees’ by A. E. Housman

‘Loveliest of trees’ features unparalleled rhyme scheme that is creatively used to expresses pensive sadness. It is a classic poem drawn from Housman’s A Shropshire Lad, a volume that emerged as a bestseller in 1896.

Furthermore, the poem is written from a young man who is twenty years of age. The speaker mirrors upon his experiences for the past twenty springs that he has lived through and hopes to make the best out of fifty more.

‘Sonnet 98’ by William Shakespeare

You cannot talk about art and poetry without mentioning William Shakespeare. His legendary contributions in this field have left a long-lasting impact. Sonnet 98 is another fine composition addressed to the ‘Fair Youth’.

Shakespeare is pained by the fact that he failed to acknowledge the elegance that spring brought along owing to his absence from a young man. For this reason, spring has become more like winter.

Canto CXV from In Memoriam by Tennyson

This ballad is composed by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, in honour of his pal Arthur Henry Hallam who passed away at a tender age. Alfred, a master of metaphysical poetry puts his skills to work, providing his bittersweet perception of the arrival of the spring season.

The speaker celebrates the dawn of a new charming season but is still haunted by the demise of a friend. For the speaker, spring brings back with regret and a painful reminder of a friend that cannot return although life has to go on. It is indeed one of the most touching spring poems. 

‘Spring’ by Christina Rossetti

Christina’s sonnet is an exclusive evocation of spring and its beauty as well as how it fades away in the wake of adverse weather. It breaks down how life is reborn during the season using impressive imagery and vivid description.

Spring is a delightful season that deserves to be immortalized with such powerful compositions. Read any of these poems to get a taste of what spring is like.