What is a Preposition in Grammar

Read this article to know what is a preposition in grammar. In this unit we will discuss the following topics:

Look at the following sentence

Where is my Mac mamma? 
In the bag beta!

What would have happened if there would be no In? Now you can consider its importance. This word (In) is a preposition. Let us define this part of speech.

A preposition is a word that:

  1. is placed before a noun or pronoun or gerund (we will discuss it later)
  2. shows a relationship of the noun or pronoun with something else. 
  3. is always followed by a noun/pronoun and never by a verb.
  4. deal with concepts relating to location, time, and direction.

  • Types of Preposition

As described above there are mainly four types of prepositions:

 Preposition for Time

Preposition for Place

Preposition for Direction

Prepositions like into, through, to, towards depict direction.


We are going to the USA.

The cockroach is coming towards her.
I threw his smartphone into the river.