Man Who Died But Came Back to Life

In Bani Isra’el, a rich man namely Aameel was murdered by his cousin (for seizing Aameel’s wealth). After murdering Aameel, his cousin took his body to another village & threw it there & himself became the accuser.

The people of that village requested Prophet Musa ???? ???? to pray to Allah, so that the murderer may be found. Alightment came, that a cow should be slaughtered & any of its body part should be stoke on the dead body (of Aameel). He will come back into life & tell the name of murderer.

Bani Isra’el asked Prophet Musa ???? ???? about the qualities that the cow (which is to be slaughtered) should possess. Prophet Musa ???? ???? told the qualities & Bani Isra’el set out to search for such cow.

There was only one cow that possessed those qualities told by Prophet Musa ???? ????.

The story of that cow goes as follows:

In Bani Isra’el, a pious man lived, who had a pious child. One day he became so poor that he had nothing left except a calf. He stamped on its neck & left it in the name of Allah ?????. He prayed to Allah ????? “I am leaving this calf under your protection. When my son may grow up, it should come in the service of my little child”. After praying he died.

When the very child grew up, his mother, one day told his about the cow & sent him in the forest to bring it back. She also told him about the qualities of cow so that it may become easy for him to find it.

He thus went to forest & found the cow. He took it back to home.

His mother asked him to sell it for three dinars & also seek the allowance of her.

He thus went to market. An angel came in human appearance. He offered 6 dinars for the cow but on the condition that the young should not adhere to the allowance of his mother.

The young didn’t accepted this. He went back to his mother & told her the whole event. His mother agreed with 6 dinars but again said that her allowance should be seeked.

The young again went to market. The same angel came & now offered 12 dinars, but put the same condition that he should not be adhered to his mother’s allowance.

The young again refused, went home & told the whole story to his mother. His mother understood that it was an angel that was tentating them.

His mother said to his son that he should ask that man “Do you allow us to sell this cow”.

Young did so. Angel said “You should keep the cow for now, until the Bani Isra’el would come. & also the price of cow should be fixed as if it had gold in its skin”.
Young agreed & came back to home along with the cow.

Bani Isra’el came to that young’s home while searching for the cow. The price of cow was fixed as told by the angel. Bani Isra’el bought the cow & slaughtered the cow in the presence of Prophet Musa ???? ???? & stroke one of its part on the dead, as said in Qur’an:

“So, We said, “Strike the slain man with part of it.” Thus does Allah bring the dead to life, and He shows you His signs that you might reason” [Al Qur’an 2:73]

Aameel, at once came into life. The showers of blood oozed from his body & told that his cousin had murdered him.

The murderer was deprived of the wealth of Aameel.

Any mistake on my part, if found, may please be forgiven.