Tareekh e Bani Israel Surah Baqarah Ayat 65

Allah ????? says in Qur’an:

“& verily, you know, those from you, who did in docility on Saturday, We
said to them, ‘Be apes, despised’.“[Al Qur’an 2:65]

In Shehraila, Bani Israel were living. They were asked to make the Saturday particular for worship & do not fish on that day & give up worldly tasks.

Now tentative was that, the fish number in the river would increase on Saturday as compared to other days.

One group of them could not resist themselves. They maneuvered & on Friday, they would dig many pits on the bank of river & in the morning of Saturday, they would dig channels from the river. As a result the fish would come in the pits along with the water & get trapped.

Now they would capture the fish on the Sunday & say that they have not fished on Saturday.

For 40 or 70 years, this practice remained in Bani Isra’el. When prophethood was alighted to Hazrat Dawood ???? ????, he forbade Bani Isra’el from doing so, adding that trapping the fish on Saturday is equivalent to hunting.

He asked Bani Israel to give up this practice or otherwise they will have to taste the divine punishment.

When Bani Israel didn’t do so, Prophet Dawood ???? ???? prayed to Allah ?????.

Allah ????? undertook the prayer of His prophet & made them apes (who used to commit the blunder).

They still had the mind of human but their might was lost. Their bodies began to smell & in the same condition, they wept a lot & ultimately lost their lives. They were about 70,000 in numbers.

The second group of Bani Israel, who were about 12,000 in numbers, always forbade the first group from doing so. But when they failed to stop them, they made a wall between their palaces & the palaces of the 1st group & thus were saved.

The third group of Bani Israel who neither stopped the first group nor committed the blunder also got the same destiny as of the 1st group.

Hence a believer, in Islam, should try to forbid others from doing wrong by might or by words or just by heart. But it is very important.

Any mistake on my part, may please be forgiven.