Who Did Patrick’s Homework Lesson Class 6 JKBOSE Summary, Notes & Explanation in English


This chapter tells the story of a schoolboy named Patrick, who hates homework. But eventually, he scores good grades in his class and also learns other good habits.


Patrick is a schoolboy. Like many students, he fears and dislikes homework. He chooses to play games instead of completing the work his teachers assign. Due to this, he is scolded in school as well as at home. This continues until one day Patrick finds an elf, that is, a tiny toy man who requests to be saved from Patrick’s cat, in return for a wish. Patrick saves the elf and expresses his wish.

He wishes to get all his homework done by the elf till the semester ends. The elf grows angry but grants the wish. But being an elf, he lacks the knowledge required to spell words correctly. Neither does he know mathematics tables, nor can he perform addition and subtraction operations. He also claims to have no knowledge of history.

Due to this, Patrick is made to do all the work. This way, he does most of the work himself. His hard work is paid off at the end of the semester as he scores an ‘A’ grade. Not only this, he also becomes an ideal child with good habits of cleanliness and polite behaviour. This leaves his classmates, teachers and parents surprised. 


Patrick’s story shows how a person can achieve success by being hard-working and self-dependent. It is revealed at the end that the elf man was only a figment of Patrick’s imagination. In reality, the transformation is caused by Patrick’s own efforts. This answers the titular question “Who did Patrick’s homework?” and teaches the value of self-help.