Beauty Poem Class 6 JKBOSE Summary, Notes & Explanation in English


Beauty is a 3 stanza poem in which the poet explains the idea of beauty. For him, beauty is in everything. It can be seen, it can be heard and it can be felt. In each stanza, the poet describes one type of beauty. Let us try to understand what poet has to say in this poem.




Stanza 1

Beauty is seen
In the sunlight,
The trees, the birds,
Corn growing and people working
Or dancing for their harvest.

In this stanza, the poet talks about the beauty which can be seen. According to him, we can find beauty in the sunlight, the trees, the birds, the corn growing, people working in the fields or even dancing during the time of harvest (of the corn).

In other words, one can find beauty in the bright light of sun, in the green colour of trees, in the flying of birds, in the crops which grow in the field. We can also see the beauty in the men who work hard in their fields and when they dance in joy during the time of their harvest.

Stanza 2

Beauty is heard
In the night,
Wind sighing, rain falling,
Or a singer chanting
Anything in earnest.

In this stanza, the poet talks about the beauty which can be heard. According to him, we can hear beauty in the night, in the sighing (blowing) of wind, in the falling of rain or even in the voice of a singer who chants (sings) anything in earnest i.e. with passion and dedication.

In other words, the beauty lies in the voices which only come up during the night time. We can hear the beauty while the wind blows or when the rain falls or even when someone sings in passion and melodious voice.

Stanza 3

Beauty is in yourself.
Good deeds, happy thoughts
That repeat themselves
In your dreams,
In your work,
And even in your rest.

In this stanza, the poet talks about the beauty which is in ourselves and can be felt. According to him, we humans have beauty in ourselves. We can feel it by doing good deeds, having happy thoughts which repeat themselves i.e. come up again in our dreams, work and even when we take rest.

In other words, we can feel beauty in ourselves by doing good deeds and thinking positive. Doing so will make us to dream good, work good and even feel better while resting. Hence, in the last stanza, the poet advises us to do good and think good so that we may enjoy our lives.

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