The Shepherd’s Treasure Lesson Class 6 JKBOSE Summary, Notes & Explanation in English


This is the story of an Iranian shepherd. The shepherd’s wisdom earns him many benefits. And yet, he does not become corrupt. His humility wins the hearts of many people including the King.


A poor but wise shepherd lived in a village in Iran. He was illiterate but had the gift of wisdom and empathy. Everyone in the village sought advice from him. Despite being poor, he helped all those in need.

The King of Iran had heard about the shepherd and was curious to meet the man himself. So, the King hid his real identity by dressing up like a common shepherd. The King reached the wise shepherd’s cave and the shepherd welcomed him inside.

The King was impressed by the shepherd’s kindness and hospitality. He spent a night in the cave and when the King was ready to leave the next morning, the shepherd disclosed that he had recognised the King. This convinced the King that the poor shepherd was truly wise and the King appointed him as the governor of a small district.

As the governor, he continued to serve people with his wisdom and kindness. He was loved by the common folks. His popularity caused the other governors to envy him. Out of jealousy, the governors insisted that the king should investigate the contents of an iron chest that the shepherd carried everywhere. They tried to prove that he was dishonest and probably kept some gold in the chest.

The King thus called the shepherd to his court and asked him about the iron chest. The shepherd opened the chest to reveal that it contained only an old, tattered blanket. The governors were disappointed but the king was confused. On being asked why the shepherd was carrying such an old blanket, he gave a very wise reply. He said that the blanket had kept him warm in his days of poverty and would protect him if he ever loses all his comforts and luxuries. 


By proving his honesty, the shepherd became the governor of a bigger district. This tale of the shepherd teaches us the value of wisdom and humility. It reminds us that we ought to remain humble even when we reach the peaks of success.