Unbeatable Super Mom Mary Kom Summary Class 10 in English


“Unbeatable Super Mom-Mary Kom” is all about Mary Kom’s hard work, Confidence, Intelligence, and determination. The lesson explores that even on being five times World Boxing Championship, a bronze medallist in Olympics for India, and the Country’s most successful women’s boxer, Mary Kom still feels being a mom is the best thing that happened to her. It is Mary Kom’s love and dedication for her children, which makes her a super mom.

The lesson is divided into two parts. The first part describes Mary Kom and her achievements, While the second part is written in an interview-style between an Interviewer and Mary Kom.

Her Life

Kom was born in Kangthei village, Moirang Lamkhai in the Churachandpur district of rural Manipur in eastern India. She used to help her parents with farm-related chores, study and learn athletes, boxing simultaneously.

Her career began in 2000, after her victory in the Manipur State Women’s Boxing Championship and the regional championship in West Bengal. At the age of 18 years, she made her international first public appearance at the first AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship in the United States, winning a silver medal in the 48kg weight category.

Her Interview

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda correspondent Taruka Srivastava, Olympic Bronze medalist Mary Kom talked about her preparation for the Olympics and her great joy at winning a medal In the interview, Mary was extremely confident while replying to the interviewer.

The interviewer asked her various questions such as whether Mary’s feelings had sunk in after becoming the first Indian female boxer, was under any pressure! How she was affected when her coach, Charles Atkinson, did not accompany her to the Olympics, who was her favorite sparring partner.

Mary replied to all her questions calmly one by one. First, she expressed her joy by revealing that she was really very happy and yes, it is yet to sink in. She was extremely thrilled. She had no pressure on her as she was very much confident about herself. In her coach’s absence, she was not so nervous because she was well prepared and did not need any sort of guidance at that time. She told that all the male players who were there in Pune during her practice were all good, and to name a particular favorite person would be unfair.

Further Questions

The interviewer further asked her many questions like-Was partiality and unjust judgment was the reason behind her loss in the semi-finals, where improvement is required to help in Winning more medals, Her views on nutritional requirements in Indian Women and how it is neglected in Indian Sports, How the Olympic Gold Quest played a major role in shaping the boxing scene in India, Does she find it difficult in convincing her children not to fight when they watch her going out, whether she will train her kids to become boxers or not, Her cooking status apart from boxing, whether she is interested in training Indian Women in boxing, and what does she prefer on being called-a Super Mom or Super Boxer?

Mary again replied to all her answers confidently and gladly. First, she cleared her view regarding losing the semi-finals by agreeing that the judges were partial. She thinks that more and more people should take part in sports as a full-time career if we want more gold medals. More companies and industries should come in and sponsor players so that the players don’t have any financial pressure and they can just focus on their games.

Regarding the women’s nutritional requirements, Mary said that the awareness is growing among the female athletes and she had to gain 3 kg since she had to fight in the 51kg event instead of the usual 48kgs that she fought in.

She gained weight by eating the right kind of healthy food rather than unhealthy fats. She then put her view about Olympic Gold Quest that it really played an important part in her success and helped her whenever she needed anything. They took her care which ultimately helped her in focusing on her boxing and being stress-free.

She then talks about her children and how she really feels difficult to keep her twins under control. She wants them to follow their dreams. Mary Kom ensured that she cooks well and does all the household work for her children even after training so hard for her boxing championships. She is excited to coach Indian Women in boxing one day. She ends up the interview by answering the last question of the interviewer that she loves being called a mom and would rather be called a super mom than a super boxer.