The Alchemy of Nature Lesson Summary & Explanation in English Class 10


“Alchemy of Nature” by Raksha Bharadia is a short description of the Nature, that God has showered upon us in the form of birds, plants, trees, butterflies, rivers, oceans, flowers, rocky beach etc.

The word “Alchemy” in the Middle Ages meant the changing of base metals into gold. However, in this lesson, Alchemy is being referred to a mysterious and magical process of transformation, which takes place in Nature. This transformation is Alchemy of our mind and souls.


Raksha Bharadia emphasises on the fact that nature is relaxing and enhancing, which fulfils and motivates us. She begins by describing a hibiscus plant in her garden and says that every fortnight a big and bright flower blooms on it. It dances with the wind and smiles with the sun in the morning, but as evening approaches, it starts drying.

Through this small example of a flower, Raksha Bharadia, has conveyed a very important message that is one should live his life to the fullest and despite the doubt that how short our life is, we should focus our attention on enhancing ourselves with full determination.

Rocky Beach

She further states the example of a Rocky beach and describes that despite the hardness of the rock, the gentle water flows on it everyday. Even small bits of grass peep through the small cracks in a concrete pavement. Through these examples, she wants to convey the message that however impossible things may look, there is always a way and an opening.


In the cold winter, a tree is uncovered and is bare of all leaves, but it is not correct, to doubt on the inefficiency of the tree to produce the greenery once again. After three months, the tree is back to its green majesty once again, full of leaves, flowers, birds and life. We should learn from these trees how to develop the firm belief that however difficult things are right now will soon pass away. The ants can pull a fly, which is ten times the ants’ size, with the help of their teamwork.

Other Examples

Spider’s webs are delicate yet strong, A Rainbow colours the entire sky, Stars shine across the infinite sky. With every passing moment, Clouds takes new shapes. Even the invisible wind has the power to make a tree dance with full passion. The water changes its form on the command of the sun and the wind. We experience the Alchemy of Nature, when we see a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and a flower turning into a fruit. When we touch it, we become gold ourselves.