Book Review – Swami and Friends by R.K. Narayan Summary in English Class 10th


In this short essay, the narrator talks about R.K. Narayan and his phenomenal works, one of them being Swami and Friends. 

The Story

The narrator of this essay starts by talking a little about the book. He does this so that readers will not confuse this essay filled with spoilers. The narrator wants to give the readers a glance into the book without revealing any important anecdotes. 

The tale revolves around a 10-year-old mischievous boy, Swami, living in India during British rule. Swami is a very relatable character as like any kid of that age, he, too, hates school. Especially mathematics. All Swami wants to do is have fun and enjoy his life. As many teens back then, all he wants to do is play under the sun, kick something, climb a tree, break something and harass somebody.

Swami is always up to mischief which is why he always lands up in trouble and ends up getting a good beating from his father. Swami, being a talkative little kid, believes that his way of facing life, talking himself out of everything. However, as he grows up, he learns the truth the harsh way.

Narayan delves deep into Swami’s mind in the book and talks through the lens of a 10-year-old. He wanted to show what 10-year-old think and how they perceive the world around them. The reader does feel like Swami and gets very attached with the character as the story progresses. 

The narrator of the essay then points out the significance of the book and why one should read it. He says that this book is not just an enjoyable read but the work attributes a lot of literary values even if it is a teen book. Though this book is widely used by schools over Asia to teach students, this book does not necessarily contain any technical jargon. Actually the truth is in contrary to this. This book can easily be read by adults and youngsters, even little kids. Narayan, despite bending such a prolific writer, doesn’t use any difficult words at all.

He writes in a plain and lucid manner that it’s easy to understand and read. He uses the style of short sentences enabling the readers to easily absorb and relate to the characters more than with the plot. Though the book description talks about a very mischievous boy, Swami, it encompasses the mischief of the kids in a view of the kid which is harmless and pure in his perspective.

Narayan believes that a child can be mischievous but has a pure heart and he talks utmost care to express such character traits through Swami in the novel. The narrator of this essay concludes by saying that it is indeed a great book and that the readers should definitely read this in their life. 

About the Author

The narrator of the essay then takes up the pen to talk about the author, R.K. Narayan. Narayan is one of the greatest authors in India who is known for a number of famous works like Malgudi Days, The Guide, The Painter of Signs, and so on. Narayan is known for capturing the essence of India under British ruling and the mind and life of a typical teenage kid.


Through this short essay, the narrator hopes to inspire the readers about Narayan’s works and enable them to read one. He wants the readers to experience and see life through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy, Swami in Swami and Friends