A Teenager’s Prayer Poem Summary & Explanation in English 10th Class


The poem, A Teenager’s Prayer by J. Morse, is about teenagers and their fate in those adolescent years. The poem is a prayer to God to help them select a path correctly and learn with a creative mind, free from temptations. 

Stanza 1

Each day brings new beginnings,
Decisions I must make.
I am the only one to choose
The road that I will take.

In the first stanza, the poet reflects upon the life of a teenager and how it’s a very delicate time a person’s life. He speaks in the first person voice as if talking about his teenage self and trying to make the readers aware of what goes inside a teenager’s mind. He says that we have to make new decisions and whether they’re going to be easy or difficult, it’s up to us to choose them. The road that I will take will shape our path for life. New beginnings brings new chapters in life, which one has to embrace irrespective of the outcome.

Stanza 2

I can choose to take the road of life,
That leads to great success
Or travel down the darkened road,
That leads to great distress.

In the second stanza, the poet talks about the dilemma of the teenager’s mind. He says that every teenager is given two options to choose from. The road of life to great success or the darkened road to great distress. One path leads him to success with positivity and great thoughts while the other path sends him to distress and gloominess in life. Every teenagers, at the fork of the road, face quite a cumbersome problem while choosing which path to take as the outcome is not shown to them immediately. 

Stanza 3

Please open up my eyes, dear Lord,
That I might clearly see
Help me stand for what is right,
Bring out the best in me.

In the third stanza, the poet portrays the teenagers wish to God. He requests God to make him the wise, so that he might clearly see. The teenager wishes to listen to his inner voice and not get swayed by any partial thoughts. The teenager wants God to help him walk on the right path and bring out the best in me. He wants to do what is right for him and not listen to all the silent evil voices around him. 

Stanza 4

Help, Lord, to just say "no"
When temptation comes my way,
That I might keep my body clean
And fit for life each day.

In the fourth stanza, the poet continues the prayer. The teenager needs strength and power to avoid temptation. It is always easier to say yes, but difficult to say no. He wants strength to endure whatever temptation comes my way, so that he doesn’t become weaker. He wishes his body and soul to be clean and strong and fit for life each day. He wants his body and soul to be pure and away from all the temptations in life. 

Stanza 5

When my teenage years are over,
I know that I will see
That life is lived its very best
With you walking next to

In the fifth stanza, the poet reflects back on the teenage years. He says that once when a teenager grows older, he will be happy to know the life he had lived. He said that life is lived with great things and great deeds of success and it was only possible because God was walking next to me. Faith in oneself and in God can help one take the right path to success and positivity.


Teenage is a very important age in everyone’s life as it decides the fate of the future of that person. It is very difficult to choose a path, and even more difficult to follow that path till the end, fighting all temptations and evil along the way. The poem is a plea to God to guide the teenager throughout these years. He yearns to lead live with positivity and hopes to attain great success.