The Story of Mulan Summary in English 10th Standard

Story in a Nutshell

The story is about Mulan, a teenage girl, who saved China. When there was a war in China, the Emperor announced that one man from each family should join the army. Mulan dressed herself as a man and joined the army as her father was old and her brother was a child. In the army, she proved to be a brave soldier.


  1. The Emperor: Ruler of China
  2. Mulan: The main protagonist of the story is a woman who dresses up as a man to get into the army
  3. Mulan’s Father: An old man who is incapable of joining the army because of his age.
  4. Mulan’s younger brother: the boy who is too young to join the army.

Army needed one soldier from every family

When China was in the middle of a war the Emperor asked one man from every family to join the army. Mulan is a teenage girl who lived in a remote village in China heard the news while she was washing clothes outside. She went to her father who was craving a piece of wood to inform him about what she heard. Turns out, he had heard it when he was in town and stopped craving to pack for leaving. Since he was not keeping well Mulan didn’t want him to go as he would not be able to keep up with the young men in the army.

Mulan knew her brother would be too young for the army so she wanted to join instead of her father. She went into her room cut off her long black hair and put on her father’s garments. She pretended to be the son but her father was protective and didn’t want her to send to the army.

For years Mulan was being trained in Kung fu, her father even taught her to use a sword and she assured him that it was the best option for their family. She knew the consequences if people found out that she was a woman but still she climbed on the family horse and rode to join the emperor’s army biding her father farewell.

Mulan won the battles

Mulan proved to be a brave soldier and was put in charge of other soldiers. Her battles went so well that more soldiers were added under her and soon she became the general of the army. Just after that, a very bad fever swept through the army making many soldiers sick including Mulan.

When the doctor discovered the truth, he yelled to the soldiers and told everybody that The General was a woman. Many soldiers were outraged and wanted to punish her yet many didn’t want it to happen as Mulan was the reason behind the success of all their battles.

Just when people were revolting an announcement was made that a surprise attack is on the way and they need to act soon. Mulan as soon as she heard, dressed and went out of her tent even when she wasn’t very strong, stood tall and guided the soldiers to hide. The soldiers against her and with her, all acted as she said because everyone knew her capabilities even though she was a woman.

China won because of Mulan

With Mulan’s help, they won the battle. It was such a great victory that the enemy gave up and the war was over and China was saved by Mulan and no one cared anymore that she was a woman. The Emperor was so glad for Mulan that he removed the rule of women not being allowed in the army. He wanted her to stay in the palace as his royal adviser but she wished to return to her family.

The Emperor in gratitude gifted six fine horses and six swords so that when she returns everyone must know of her victory and how highly the emperor of China thinks of her. The villagers cheered at her arrival and were proud that she was safe and the reason for the country’s victory.


The story depicts the daughter’s love for her father and her bravery. Her father taught Kung Fu for her self-defense but she turned out to be better than all the soldiers in the country. Her acceptance of her identity is the main objective of the story. The message is clear, that is,

“Embrace your own identity and Defy what society expects”