A Day in 2889 of an American Journalist Short Summary in English


The writer explains the lifestyles on this planet after thousand years and that the activities done by humans every day can be assisted with the usage of machines. The writer also visualizes that touring can be made easy. It is a story about an office block of the Earth Herald, the world’s largest newspaper, is illustrated throughout 2889. 


  1. Francis Bennett – the director of the Earth Herald
  2. Edith – Bennett’s wife.
  3. Aero coachman
  4. Cash – One of the ten Astronomical reporters
  5. Corley – One of the ten Astronomical reporters
  6. The young inventor and the second inventor

Francis Bennett in his office

Francis Bennett got up in the morning irritated as his wife Edith went to Champs Elysees eight days ago. He switched on his phonotelephote whose wires have been connected with the residence he owned withinside the Champs-Elysees. The telephone, completed by the telephote, finished by a telephote was their time’s victory!

Vision from the day before may also be transmitted together with speech. Bennett blessed its inventor as he noticed her appear in the telephotic mirror. Her voice and face made him feel better.

He went into his mechanized dressing room and within minutes, washed, shaved, shod, dressed, and buttoned from top to bottom, on the entrance of his workplace. The day’s work began from the journalists’ room. His fifteen hundred journalists, with their telephones, have been talking the information from the four quarters of the earth to subscribers. Besides telephone, all journalists had commutators, which permit verbal exchange on telephotic lines with visible sights.

Bennett inquires one of the ten astronomical journalists Cash about the current discoveries within the stellar world. Cash responded that it was the Phototelegrams from Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and not anything from Jupiter for the reason that Jovians signals couldn’t be understood.

He delivered that even results from the Moon weren’t achievable and one can’t blame optical science though the moon was six hundred times closer than Mars. Corley one of the other reporters stated it was the population that changed into refuted by using Bennett who stated the only straightforward way was to turn the moon around and discover out.

Bennett’s lab 

 From then on, the scientists of the Bennett factory began operating on turning satellites. One of the Earth Herald’s astronomers had simply decided the factors of the new planet Gandini and Bennett was thrilled at his accuracy. He wanted the journalists to pass the information to the subscribers immediately. The vast gallery for this sort of journal because the Earth Herald added in a mean of three million dollars each day.

Bennett’s lifestyle

When the clock struck twelve, the director of the Earth Herald sat in a rolling armchair and reached his eating room almost half a mile away. The table was laid for him and in the front was the phonotelephote. The couple had organized to have lunch at the same time, see and communicate with the phonotelephote. Francis Bennett was one of the subscribers to the expensive, Society for Supplying Food to the Home with thousand types through pneumatic tubes. He finished his coffee alone when Mrs. Bennett was visible on the telephote screen after work.

He then sped beyond to his accumulator works at Niagara at the aero-car at a pace of approximately four hundred miles an hour. Below him were the cities with shifting pavements that bring the wayfarers alongside the streets. He returned through Philadelphia, Boston, and New York, to Centropolis, where his aero-car placed him down at approximately 5 o’clock. The waiting- room of the Earth Herald was crowded looking forward to Bennett to return.

Researches of Bennet 

He selected cautiously many of the unique proposals. The best was the young man whose vast forehead indicated intelligence. He informed Bennett that the factors envisioned at seventy-five now decreased to a few to which Bennett told him that it’d lessen to at least one in three weeks if he had money. He knew positively that he could have located absolute, and the resultant, a human being without a soul was confirmed, Bennett. The young fellow was assigned to the scientific editorial branch of Bennett’s journal.

A second inventor had the concept of shifting an entire town into a single block. As a demonstration, the town of Saaf, located fifteen miles from the ocean could be converted into a seashore resort. Francis Bennett, attracted by this project, agreed to take a half share in it. Francis Bennett sat in an easy chair in the audition room to pay attention to the proposal. Pressing a button, he communicated with the Central Concert. He was charmed on a series of flavourful harmonico-algebraic formulae.

Time for family 

During his meal, phonotelephotic communication was tuned to talk to Edith. Edith informed him that she will be leaving for Centropolis the very second by tube. He showed her arrival at Centropolis at 11:59 p.m. by Centropolis time. These submarine tubes travel from Paris in hundred and ninety-five minutes than the aero-trains traveling at six hundred miles an hour. Francis Bennett felt tired and went for a bath earlier.  


 This tale brings out the truth that as long as people aspire and work hard, there can be progress and improvements in this world. Smoke-free cars and machines that might immediately do what you desire will come forth. Therefore, people will reach most heights in the fields of Science and Technology.