The Little Hero of Holland Story Summary in English


Peter, a little boy who lived in Holland is situated below sea level. A wall called Dikes protects the country from the North Sea. Even the little children of Holland are aware of the importance of the Dikes. They know the Dikes must be watched every moment. A little hole in it can be a very dangerous thing. One afternoon, Peter’s mother wanted him to go across the Dikes to take the cakes to his friend, the blind man.

Peter spent his time with his blind friend by telling him about his walk along the Dikes and many other things. On his way back home, he heard the sound of trickling water. He saw a small hole in the dike. Peter thrust his finger into the tiny hole to stop the water. He shouted for help but no one turned up. He stayed there the whole night. His finger became numb.

The next morning, a man going to work found Peter in the Dikes. He spread this alarm. The villagers rushed there and mended the hole with shovels. They took Peter to his parents. Thus, Peter saved his land and the people and became the Hero of Holland.

A Description of the country “Holland”

A country named Holland is a land where much of it is below sea level. “Dikes” is a great wall that keeps the North Sea from rushing in and flooding the country. For many centuries the people of Holland have worked to keep the walls strong to keep their country safe. Even the little children that a small hole in the walls can cause big damage in the country. A boy named Peter whose father was one of the men who would open and close the gates in the diked called “sluices” for the ships to pass out of Holland’s canals into the great sea.

One afternoon when Peter was eight years old his mother asked him to deliver cakes to his blind friend who lived across the dike. Peter stayed with him for a while and shared his experience of the walk and described the sun, the flowers, and the ships far in the sea. Then he remembered his mother asked him to come back as early as possible and bid his friend goodbye and set out for home. On his way back as he walked beside the canal, he noticed that the rains had swollen the waters and how they beat against the dikes which reminded him of his father’s gates.

Peter returns after a visit to his friend

As he walked along to stop pick up some pretty blue flowers and smiled thinking about his visit to the poor blind man who was always glad to see Peter. As it was growing dark, he thought his mother might be watching for him and heard a noise of trickling water. He stopped and saw a small hole in the dike through which a tiny stream was flowing.

Peter knew the danger that can be caused as the little hole would soon become a larger one and the whole country could be flooded. Peter climbed down the side of the dike and put his finger into the tiny hole. The flowing of the water stopped but soon it grew dark and cold, there was no one to hear him calling out for help. His arms ached and became numb but didn’t remove his finger from the hole.

Peter saves Holland

His mother was looking for him but when she couldn’t find him, she thought Peter was staying with the blind man for the night without her permission and decided to scold him in the morning when he returns. Peter tried to whistle but couldn’t as it was cold and his teeth chattered. He thought about his brothers and sisters who must be sleeping in their warm beds and also of his father and mother.

Even the moon and the stars looked down on Peter as he bent his head and closed his eyes, he couldn’t fall asleep as he had to rub his hand now and then that was holding back the angry sea.

Early in the morning a man going for work heard Peter’s groan and found him clinging to the side of the great wall. Peter informed him about the hole and soon the alarm was spread in the country and people came running to mend the hole. They also carried him to his parents and praised him for his bravery as he saved the whole country from drowning that night.


This is a true story of a little boy with a brave heart and passionate love for his village who saved his land and became “The Little Hero of Holland”. The story highlights that no one should forsake the duty towards their nation when one comes to know that it is in danger. One must not hesitate to take a bold decision to save one’s country.