I am Every Woman 10th Standard Poem by Rakhi Nariani Summary & Line by Line Explanation


Rakhi Nariani Shirke was a teacher who worked in Ryan International School, Kharghar. She has a passion for writing poems as a medium of self-expression. She is a post-graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. At present, she lives in New Mumbai.

The poem is about the wonderful qualities of women. It talks about the multifaceted nature of women. Today’s women are empowered, brave, strong, and resolute. They are always ready to take up new ventures. They are persistent and work tirelessly to prove what they are capable of. Women have to be treated respectfully for the growth of a nation.

Lines 1-8

A woman is beauty innate,
A symbol of power and strength.
She puts her life at stake.
She’s real, she’s not fake!
The summer of life she’s ready to see in spring.
She says, “Spring will come again, my dear.
Let me care for the ones who’re near.”
She’s The Woman – she has no fear!

Every woman is an inborn beauty. She is a symbol of power and strength. She is prone to putting her life at risk. She is real. She is true in expressing her love and she is never fake. She is very optimistic in her approach even at times of adversity. She says, “Spring will come again, my dear”. She finds a ray of hope and continues to care for her near and dear ones. She is the woman and she has no fear of anything.

Lines 9-16

Strong is she in her faith and beliefs.
“Persistence is the key to everything,” says she.
Despite the sighs and groans and moans,
She’s strong in her faith, firm in her belief!
She’s a lioness; don’t mess with her.
She’ll not spare you if you’re a prankster.
Don’t ever try to saw her pride, her self-respect.
She knows how to thaw you, saw you – so beware!

She is strong in her faith and beliefs. She says that “Persistence (determination) is her key for everything”. In spite of the complaints, the grumbles, and the grievances, she is strong in her faith. She is firm in her beliefs. She is ferocious like a lioness. Don’t tease or- play a joke with her. It is better for a mischievous person to stay away from her. We should never try to bring disgrace to her pride and self-respect. She knows how to freeze and cut them. So, be careful of her.

Lines 17-18

She’s today’s woman. Today’s woman, dear.
Love her, respect her, keep her near…

She is today’s woman. Therefore, it is safer and healthier to love her, respect her and keep her near to our hearts. She should be kept as a dignified person.


This poem highlights the inborn qualities of a woman. The poet talks about the multifaceted nature of women. They are determined, strong, ferocious, caring, brave, strong, and loving. They work hard continuously to prove to the world that they are capable of doing anything.

‘Persistence’ is the key to everything. Never should anyone try to bring disgrace to her pride and self-respect. She is today’s woman. So it is always healthier to love her, to respect her, and to keep her dignified. They have to be treated respectfully in all aspects of their life.