The Old-Clock Shop Class 6 Short Summary & Explanation in English


This is the story of a kind shop owner named Ray. Ray’s encounter with two robbers teaches a valuable lesson. Ray uses his kindness and empathy to win over the two men. 


On the eve of Christmas as the Salt Lake City was covered with snow, the Old-Clock Shop was still open. The shop was owned by a deaf, old man named Ray who was generous and helpful and gave loans on old watches and clocks without charging any interest. As Ray was readying to close the shop, two men entered the shop. 

Ray instantly understood that these two men had not come with the intention of buying or selling anything, but he responded wisely. While the younger of the two men remained at the door, the old one walked up to the counter. Despite being terrified, Ray did not lose his composure. He tried to communicate with the man in his usual manner. He gestured towards his ears to inform the man that he was deaf and hence will converse by writing on the notepad. 

Ray had sensed the danger and had also noticed the gun that hid in the pocket of the man’s coat. Despite being filled with fear and anger, he exchanged the usual set of questions that a shopkeeper asks his customers. Ray pointed towards the loan board to ask if the old man was there to pick a watch that he might have pawned in the past. This kind behaviour of Ray softened the old man’s heart. 

Instead of robbing Ray of all his money, he took out his watch and asked its worth. The old man’s watch was an ordinary one and did not have much value. But Ray was a considerate man who understood that it was a dire need of money that had forced the two men to resort to such an act. He was also aware of the gravity of the situation. The wise shopkeeper thus decided to pay fifty dollars in exchange. 

This helped him out of a dangerous situation and prevented violence. Apart from saving his own life, Ray also managed to cause a change of heart in the old man. He left with a message on Ray’s notepad promising to return to pick the watch soon. The atmosphere reverberated with sounds of clocks and celebrations. Thus, Christmas began with peace and goodness. 


Ray’s story shows that good behaviour and kind treatment can melt every heart. With his good nature, he manages to thwart the bad intentions of the two men. Instead of resorting to violence or bloodshed, they leave amicably.

This also teaches us that we should not panic or allow fear to overcome our senses in difficult situations. When handled with alertness and humanly understanding, even the most dangerous situations can be resolved peacefully.