How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Class 6 Short Summary & Explanation in English

This chapter tells the story of how the Dog became Man’s most loyal servant. It gives a fascinating account of how the Dog went from being a wild animal to a domestic pet.

Like all wild animals, the Dog was once a free animal. He was his own master until one day, when he decided to choose the strongest being in the world as his master.

In the beginning, the Dog lived in the forest with other wild animals. He had to find his own food and protect himself from those who were stronger than him. Due to this, he found his life as a free animal difficult. So, he decided to look for the strongest being in the world and become a servant to him. 

Thus began the Dog’s search for the strongest master. He made the Wolf his first master. The Wolf, however, was scared of the Bear. Since the Bear was more powerful than the Wolf, the Dog then chose to become Bear’s servant. But soon he realised that the Bear was afraid of Lion, the king of the jungle. So, the Dog made the Lion his master. 

As the Lion’s servant, he enjoyed a life of protection and remained free from the fear of other animals. This continued until one day the Lion disclosed that even he was scared of the humans. This was when the Dog’s search ended and he finally chose the Man as his master.

In the end, the Dog traded away his freedom in return for protection and comfort. This is the tale of how the Dog became Man’s most faithful servant.