A Pact with the Sun Class 6 Short Summary & Explanation in English


This chapter tells the story of how the Sun rays helped Saeeda’s mother to recover from her illness. It emphasizes the importance of Sun’s warmth for good health. It shows how a sick woman recovers with the help of Sun’s heat and fresh air. All this is made possible by Saeeda’s pact with the Sun’s rays. 


Saeeda’s mother had been suffering from bad health for a very long time. Due to the illness, she had been deprived of good food, sun’s warmth and fresh air. Whatever treatment she underwent, failed after a short time period. She kept herself aloof in a small, gloomy room.

This deprivation and confinement made her condition worse. On insistence of her relatives and neighbours, she consulted a specialist. She understood that though the expense of treatment would be more, it was her health that was more valuable than any money. So she sold her trinkets and received enough money in return to pay for the treatment. 

Besides prescribing the medicines, the doctor suggested her to eat normal food like vegetables, milk and fruits. He also advised her to move to a more open room and soak one hour of sun’s heat every morning. This was unlike any advice the previous physicians had given, but Saeeda’s mother resolved to follow it strictly. 

The next day, however, the Sun did not show. It was a cloudy day and Saeeda’s mother was disheartened. She had hoped to sit outside and soak the sun’s warmth. During the afternoon, Saeeda spotted some rays of the Sun. Saeeda was a young child who, like other children, knew the language of the Nature and could talk to the Sun, Moon, flowers or even God. 

So the innocent child requested the retreating sun rays to shine brighter the next day so that her mother’s health may improve. Touched by the request, the sun’s rays promised to bring more light and heat the next morning. But when the time came, a thick layer of clouds stood in their path. But the sun’s rays had made a promise and they were determined to keep it. 


The sun’s rays were so strong and united that they penetrated the clouds and reached the Earth as promised. The Sun shone bright and Saeeda’s pale and weak mother looked radiant. The fresh air and the warmth of the mighty Sun helped her recover. This concludes that fresh air and the sun’s warmth are good for our health.