A Tale of Two Birds Class 6 Short Summary & Explanation in English


This is the story of two birds. Despite being born from the same mother, they grow up very differently from each other. This is due to the difference in their company and environment. 


A bird lived with her two new-born babies. Her nest was built on a tall tree in the forest. They lived peacefully until one day a storm destroyed the nest. The unfortunate storm not only destroyed their home but also killed the mother bird. 

The strong wind blew away the two little birds in opposite directions. The wind dropped the first bird near a cave which was home to a gang of robbers. The other bird landed just outside the ashram of a rishi. One day, the King of the country passed through the forest while hunting a deer and encountered the two birds. 

While resting under a tree, the King heard a voice. He looked up to find that it was a big brown bird who was informing his mates about a man resting in the shade of the tree. As the bird invited his friends to come and rob the man’s jewels and horse, the King hurriedly climbed on his horse and escaped. 

The tired King then reached an ashram. As he began to rest under the shade, he heard another voice. This time also he saw another big brown bird that resembled the first one. This bird invited the King to rest inside the ashram until the rishi returned. The King was perplexed at the how closely the two birds resembled each other and yet how different were their behaviour.

On his return, the rishi explained why the two similar looking birds behaved so differently. It was because the two had grown up in company of different people. While the first bird had learned the rash and rude ways of the robbers, the second bird had learned politeness and helpfulness from the rishi. 


The two birds show that our company determines our conduct. The story concludes that one ought to choose one’s company wisely. While bad company corrupts us, good company makes us gentle and kind.