The King’s Ministers Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 6th


  1. Lion: The king of the jungle.
  2. Fox: Lion’s wise and clever home minister.
  3. Leopard: Lion’s alert and swift footed defence minister.
  4. Crow: Minister for externa affairs.
  5. Camel: Lion’s prey that later becomes his family.


This short story ‘The King’s Ministers’ is about the king of the Jungle and his appointed ministers that are, the clever fox, the swift footed leopard and the crow. The lion appoints them as his ministers to be loyal to him, help him find prey and in return he would protect them keep them well fed.


The Lion appoints his three ministers

The lion one day thought of having ministers to help him. He called the wise and clever fox and made him his home minister. The very alert and swift footed leopard was made his Defence Minister and the high flying crow was made his Minister for External Affairs. The three ministers swore to remain loyal to the king. When the lion went hunting, they helped him to find the prey. After having his fill, he would leave the remains for them. Thus, they always had enough to eat. 

The lion and the ministers hunt for camel meat

One day the crow told the lion about the camel meat. The lion and the three ministers walked towards the desert in search of a camel. The hot sand burnt the lion’s paws, so he wanted to return to the forest. The clever fox went to the camel and bought him to the lion’s presence. All the four jumped on the camel’s back and reached the forest. All of them were very tired and hungry and wanted to meal the camel. 

The lion swears protection to the camel

But the lion thanked the camel and promised him protection. The ministers were shocked. The hungry lion ordered the ministers to bring him food. The ministers were keen on eating the camel. So, they returned empty-handed and offered themselves to be eaten. Seeing the loyalty of the ministers, the camel too offered himself. The ministers were very happy and were ready to bounce on the camel. But the lion stopped them. 

The camel turns out to be the most loyal 

The lion immediately thanked all the three ministers for their loyalty and decided to eat them one by one. Soon after this saying, all the ministers absconded from the scene. The lion laughed and said to the camel “You have proved my most loving and loyal friend; you shall live with me all your life. No harm shall ever come to you.” And then two lived on family together.


This small story sends a good message to one and all to focus on the things which need to be addressed, one should never pretend what they are not as a false show will lead to miserable endings.