The Fly Poem Summary and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 6th


The given poem ‘The Fly’ is penned by Tony Bradman. He is the author of children’s books and is best known for the ‘Dilly the Dinosaur’ series. The given poem is written for children. It is about a troublesome and irritating Fly.

About the Poet

Tony Bradman (born 22 January 1954) is an English writer of children’s books and short speculative fiction best known for the Dilly the Dinosaur book series. He was born in Balham, London. He earned an M.A. degree from Queens College, Cambridge, and worked as a music writer and as a children’s book reviewer for Parents magazine before beginning to write children’s literature in 1984. His Dilly the Dinosaur series has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.


The poet highlights that even a small little harmless creature can destroy one’s peace even when it is doing nothing but behaving the way it has been created. The buzzing sound of the fly drives the poet insane and he can’t help but only get angry at the little creature. One must not get affected by the small little things in life if one lets it affect them, it will be their loss and no one else’s.

Stanza 1

There’s a fly inside my bedroom,
It’s driving me insane;
It’s buzzing round my wardrobe,
It’s on the window pane…

Once a fly flew into the poet’s bedroom and its buzzing sound was driving him insane. First, the fly buzzed around his wardrobe and a moment later it sat on the windowpane.

Stanza 2

It’s flying round the lampshade,
It’s coming very close.
It’s landing on my pillow…
It’s walking on my nose!

It flew around the lampshade then went close to the poet and landed on his pillow and started walking on his nose.

Stanza 3

 It’s looking in my eyeball,
Phew! It’s flying off again!
It’s walking on the ceiling,
It’s driving me insane.

The fly was sitting so close that the poet felt as if it was looking in his eyeball, he puffed the fly when it came near his eyes and a moment later it started walking on the ceiling. The fly was causing a lot of trouble to the poet by just his sound and that drove him insane.

Stanza 4

It’s buzzing and it’s buzzing,
It’s coming near again,
I’ll never, ever, get to sleep,
That fly is such a pain!

The buzzing sound drove the poet mad especially when it came near to him. The poet wanted to sleep but the buzzing noise didn’t let him, he could not sleep at all.

Stanza 5

It’s buzzing round the bedpost
It’s walking on the floor…
It’s flying round my toys and yes,
It’s buzzing on the door.

The fly went round the bedpost, walked on the floor, flew around the poet’s toys, and also buzzed on the door.

Stanza 6

The fly’s buzzed off and left me,
So now I’ll close my eyes…
But wait…Do I hear buzzing?
It’s back, surprise, surprise!

At last, the fly buzzed off and the poet was happy that it must have gone away and closed his eyes to sleep. As he shut his eyes, it is back again.