Dog Finds his Master Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 6th


The concept of how dogs intentionally became Man’s servants, or how dogs came to be domesticated, is presented in the lesson “Dog Finds His Master.” It is amusing that the dog, which was originally a wild animal, got tamed by choosing humans as their master. Dogs, like foxes, used to live together in kennels, but hunted alone.

They lived in harmony until a dog was born who was dissatisfied with their way of living. He was fed up of hunting for food and was fearful of being attacked by larger animals. As a result, the dog decided to serve humans, one of the most powerful species on the world.

The Search For A Powerful Master

Once, the dog began looking for a master. When he encountered a wolf, he asked if he could be the dog’s master. The wolf accepted without hesitation, and as they walked down the jungle path, the wolf leaped off the path and hid amid the bushes deep inside the forest. The dog inquired as to what or who the wolf was so afraid of? The wolf alerted the dog that there was a bear out there who may eat them both. After seeing that the bear was stronger than the wolf, the dog opted to serve the bear.

The bear offered the dog to accompany him in hunting cows so that they could both eat to their hearts’ content. A loud noise halted them as they approached the cattle. The bear bolted and took shelter in the trees. The bear explained to the dog that the terrifying roar was caused by a lion who was the king of the forest and was the most powerful creature on the planet. 

The dog eventually became the lion’s servant. No one tried to harm or insult him while he was in the lion’s company, he was content. The lion and the dog were wandering through the forest one day. 

The lion suddenly came to an abrupt pause and slammed his paw into the ground in rage. After that, he went away silently. The dog inquired to find out if something wasn’t right. The lion warned the dog that he could sense a ‘Man’ approaching them and that they should flee and hide. Soon, the dog wished the lion farewell because he wished to serve a master who was the most powerful being on the planet. The dog eventually found the ‘Man’ and stayed with him, serving him faithfully. Since then, the dog has been Man’s most devoted and faithful servant, knowing no other master.


The dog gave up his independence in exchange for safety and comfort that man could provide to him. Without a doubt, man treats his dog as if it were his own, demonstrating that choosing man as his master was the finest choice the dog could make. This is the story of how dog came to be Man’s most loyal companions.