The Gifts of Nature Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 6th


The lesson ‘gifts of nature’ emphasizes the essence of nature as well as the wonderful things that contribute to its loveliness. We are all aware that God has bestowed upon us the most precious gift – Nature. Nature’s treasures are ours to appreciate, enjoy, and protect. It is our moral responsibility to care for the things that God has given us. We must learn to protect and preserve Nature’s treasures so that they are not destroyed or harmed.

Nature’s Bounties And Our Duties

Mountains, seas, rushing streams, deep woods, animals, birds, insects, bright flowers, fruits, and the soil, as well as the air we breathe, are all gifts from Nature. It is our moral obligation to save and maintain these wonders of nature.

There were a lot more creatures hundreds of years ago than there are now. For fun or food, man has hunted them down. The majority of animal species have become extinct. Tigers, lions, and other endangered animals are now on the verge of extinction. We will only be able to see them in photographs if they are not safeguarded and conserved. 

Oceans are vast bodies of water teeming with many creatures. Tons of garbage are now polluting the oceans. When large ships sink in harsh weather, oil spreads over the ocean’s surface, inhibiting fish and other aquatic organisms from breathing. If we want to keep the seas safe for fish and other sea animals, we must be mindful.

If you ever go on a riverside picnic, make sure not to dump your trash, tins, and bottles into the water. Dishwashing in the river should be avoided. Help in keeping river water clean and drinkable.

Trees are considered “green gold” and are incredibly valuable. Trees are essential to our survival. Trees are required for the construction of buildings. As a result, it is critical that we plant more trees in order to maintain environmental balance. We should protect and grow saplings in parks and along roadsides.

We must be careful not to pick flowers from public gardens when walking in the woods, and we must put out our campfires to avoid forest fires. Pollen-carrying honeybees and butterflies play a significant role in nature by transporting pollen from one place to another. They should not be killed. We must learn to appreciate nature’s beauty and protect God’s marvellous creation.


The extract expresses an appreciation for everything we witness in nature. Flowers, fruits, trees, insects, and anything else one can think of must be protected in order to maintain nature’s beauty and avoid humanity’s extinction.