As You Like It Act 5 Short Summary

Table of Contents

Scene 1

In the forest, Touchstone is with Audrey while William enters who says that he loves Audrey too. Touchstone deals with him wittily and persuades him to leave them at soonest otherwise he may kill him a hundred and fifty ways. Then Corin enters and asks him to come to his master and mistress. 

Scene 2

Orlando and Oliver talk with each other about him falling in love with Aliena (Celia). Orlando asks about how can he fall in love so fast and eventually he agrees to arrange her marriage with Oliver where the Duke and his merry band will also join.

Orlando tells Rosalind about how the marriage between Oliver and Aliena is to happen and he wishes if he could marry his Rosalind just like Oliver.

Rosalind who is in disguise of Ganymede surprises Orlando that he can produce her before him tomorrow at the same time when his brother is to marry Aliena.

Silvius comes with Phebe who is fancying about Ganymede. Rosalind asks everyone to come tomorrow when everything will be finally decided.

Scene 3

Touchstone and Audrey are happily discussing their marriage which is about to happen. Two Pages of the banished Duke enter and they sing a song about which Touchstone comments in his sarcastic manner.

Scene 4

In the forest, everyone has gathered. Rosalind as Ganymede makes Duke Senior promise that if Rosalind appears then he will giver in marriage to Orlando.

Rosalind tells Phebe that if she (Ganymede) is unable to marry her then she will marry the faithful shepherd. Rosalind and Celia leave and Duke Senior thinks of Ganymede’s similarity to his own daughter Rosalind.

Jaques sees Touchstone and Audrey coming and introduces them as fools. A wise and witty discussion happens between Jaques and Touchstone. Jaques questions him of various subjects and their philosophy.

Rosalind and Celia enter without any disguise. Orlando and Duke Senior are surprised and filled with joy. A song about the virtue of marriage happens. Phebe goes along with Silvius after witnessing this.

Jaques De Boys enters with the news of Duke Frederick giving up his dukedom to his brother Duke Senior to whom it rightfully belongs.

Jaques says that he will go to the Duke who has left everything and abandoned the pomp and vanities of courtly life. All of them get together happily and Rosalind delivers the epilogue.