As You Like It Act 4 Short Summary

Table of Contents

Scene 1

Rosalind is with Jaques and she asks for his enjoyable company so that she may feel better. Orlando enters and Rosalind complains about the earlier event where he broke the promise of meeting and not coming on time.

Rosalind who looks like Ganymede to Orlando asks him to court him just like Rosalind. While Orlando speaks of his dedication to Rosalind for whom he can even die, Rosalind argues back practically that no one has ever died out of love and killing oneself in love is foolishness.

Orlando speaks about how much he wants to take care of Rosalind and Rosalind’s answers back in a much lovelier way. Rosalind makes him promise that he won’t be late again even for a moment and then he leaves. Celia criticizes her for critiquing their own sex. 

Scene 2

In the forest, Jaques is talking with a Lord who has just killed a deer and he asks him to sing a song before they present it to the Duke.

Scene 3

When Rosalind and Celia are talking about Orlando, Silvius enters with a message from Phebe for Rosalind. Silvius innocently doesn’t know that the letter is actually an expression of Phebe’s love for Ganymede (Rosalind).

Rosalind warns him of his innocence and yet it has no effect him so Rosalind leaves him at that. Oliver enters the scene and inquires about the cottage in the forest which he is looking for.

Oliver tells them how Orlando saved him from a lioness even when it was him who plotted to kill him earlier. Rosalind faints after hearing this and then recovers and rays him to take care of Orlando. Rosalind takes him with her.