As You Like It Act 3 Short Summary

Scene 1

Duke Frederick has summoned Oliver, the brother of Orlando. He takes possession of all his lands and property until he brings Orlando to him within one year.

Oliver protests with the fact that Orlando is his enemy too but Frederick keeps his doubt intact and orders him to deliver him dead or alive.

Scene 2

In the forest, Orlando enters with a paper in his hands that has love poetry written for Rosalind. Corin and Touchstone enter while discussing a shepherd’s life and Touchstone expresses his humorous wisdom.

Touchstone starts talking about court life of which Corin has no idea. Rosalind enters with a paper that she found hanging on a tree. It has that poetry written for her. Touchstone makes fun of its commonplace quality.

Celia enters with another similar paper celebrating Rosalind. Celia revealed to her that it is Orlando and Rosalind is supremely excited. Orlando enters with Jacques and Jacques leaves soon. Rosalind teases Orlando in disguise.

Orlando doubts the refinements in her manners but can’t know. Rosalind as Ganymede constantly tries to test the nature of Orlando’s love.

Rosalind promises to cure him but for that, he will have to court her just as he would like to do with his real beloved which is Rosalind herself. He promises to do so and they leave.

Scene 3

Touchstone and Audrey are talking between themselves and Jaques observing them from a distance. Jaques pities on him saying that his great learning is misplaced. Touchstone in his great humor talks about beauty and virtue.

He says adding virtue to beauty is like adding honey to sugar. Touchstone says that he has talked to Oliver Martext, the vicar of the next village regarding their marriage.

The vicar enters but Jaques interferes to advice and asks him to marry somewhere in a church by some proper priest and they leave.

Scene 4

In another part of the forest, Rosalind is disappointed over the fact that Orlando didn’t show up on the decided time. It makes her doubt his love.

Rosalind also reveals that she met her father yesterday as Ganymede. Corin enters and tells them about another pair of lovers and Rosalind jumps in eagerly to witness them.

Scene 5

Silvius is praying to Phebe as a lover and demands her kindness to which she replies strongly and gives him no respite. Rosalind, Celia and Corin are watching them from behind.

Rosalind interferes due to the cruel manners of Phebe towards Silvius but at the very first sight, Phebe falls in love with Ganymede (Rosalind).

While Phebe consoles Silvius and tries to comfort him with aq friendly love, she asks him to carry a letter for Ganymede.