As You Like It Act 2 Short Summary

Scene 1

Duke Senior is talking about everything good and true which has happened to them in the forest of Arden. He is there with Amiens with few other Lords. Senior Duke is happy that the forest has provided them more freedom and truth in their lives.

They decide to go for a hunt and a lord delivers the news about melancholy Jacques who was crying after witnessing the hunt of a dear.

They talk about melancholic Jacques who moralizes everything he sees. Duke Senior asks them to take him to Jacques who is always full of sound sense whenever he is gloomy.

Scene 2

In a room in the palace, Duke Frederick is raging after knowing about the escape of his own daughter alongside Rosalind. He comes to know that his jester has also gone away with them.

A maid has informed them of Rosalind’s admiration for Orlando so Duke asks for his brother so that he will make him search for him too.

Scene 3

Adam meets Orlando in front of Oliver’s house and warns him of the danger which is the result of his very own quality and fame. Adam asks him to not enter his brother’s house and leave for some place.

Adam offers him his own savings and his service too. Adam promises him that he will follow him to the end and even though he is old but he can still serve him as a young man. Orlando is moved by the loyalty of Adam.

Scene 4

Rosalind and Celia have reached the forest of Arden with Touchstone. Rosalind is as Ganymede and Celia is as Aliena. All of them are tired of walking. Corin and Silvius enter and Silvius is expressing how much he loves Phebe.

Silvius claims that if anyone forgets the act of folly which one did in love then it was not loved. Rosalind listens to this shepherd’s pain in love and thinks of her own.

Touchstone wittily remarks on the follies of love. They come to know from Corin of the upcoming sale of the place and they decide to get it for their stay.

Scene 5

Amiens, Jaques, and others are singing in the forest. Amiens stops singing and Jaques pleads him to sing more because he can derive pleasure even from the sad songs. They spread the table while singing, for the Duke to dine. 

Scene 6

Adam and Orlando have arrived in the forest and they are tired of walking. Orlando encourages Adam and asks him to bear this for a while so that he can go and get some food for him. He promises that Adam won’t die without food and go out searching for it.

Scene 7

A table is set out and Duke Senior and others are there sitting like outlaws. Duke asks for Jaques and he enters and starts talking about a fool who he encountered out in the jungle. He had heard him talking about the brevity of time in this life.

Jaques expresses his surprise by the profound wisdom of the fool who also knows about the court life intimately. Jaques talks in length about the mind of that fool and wishes for it. He speaks further about him when Orlando enters with his sword drawn.

He asks for food and Duke Senior calmly asks whether his bad manner is due to extreme hunger. Orlando is embarrassed by his bad behavior and requests them to allow Adam the old man to join along for the food.

After he leaves, Duke Senior expresses his sadness to which Jaques answers that “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and entrances.

In a long speech, Jaques talks of various stages of life and Orlando enters with Adam. Amiens sings a song. After knowing that Orlando is the son of Sir Rowland, Duke Senior welcomes him heartily because his father was a friend to him and demands to know his entire story later.