Chapter 9

Boxer (now injured) worked even harder. The construction work of the windmill had started again. Clover (the mare) treated his hoof with herbs. Winter was harsh as always.

The ration of all the animals was reduced except the pigs and dogs. Thirty-one piglets were born to four sows on the farm. Napoleon took them aside and educated them.

All the pigs were directed to wear green ribbons on their tails on Sundays. A new school was to be established. The ration of all the animals was further reduced except for the pigs.

Napoleon ordered the commencement of weekly celebrations called Spontaneous Demonstration. All the animals participated in the drills followed by the firing of guns in the honor of Comrade Napoleon. This partially reminded the animals of their freedom.

In April, Animal Farm was declared as a Republic. Napoleon was the unanimous president. Snowball was again accused of treachery and declared as an agent of Mr. Jones. It was announced that the wounds on Snowball’s back (originally inflicted by Mr. Jones’ gun) were inflicted by Napoleon. 

Moses (the raven) now appeared on the Animal Farm. He still talked of Sugarcandy Mountain. All the animals believed him. All the animals worked for the mill and the school. Boxer injured himself again. All the animals rushed on the spot. There was blood coming out of his mouth.

Squealer appeared on the spot. He told the animals that all arrangement have been made for Boxer’s treatment at Willingdon hospital. A few days later, a van came and took away Boxer.

All the animals made a huge cry when they came to know that Boxer was being taken to a slaughterhouse instead of the hospital. After a few days, Squealer announced that Boxer had died. 

Napoleon appeared the next day. He lamented the death of the most loyal worker of the Animal Farm. He read the two maxims; “I will work harder”, and “Comrade Napoleon is always right” in the honor of Boxer.

Squealer as usual convinced all the animals that Boxer died a peaceful death.