Chapter 10

Many years passed. Almost all the animals on the farm were of the younger generation now except Benjamin (the donkey), Clover (the mare), Moses (the raven) and some pigs.

Muriel (the goat), Boxer (the horse), Bluebell, Jessie and Pincher (the dogs) had died now and were forgotten. Clover was old now with watery eyes. Napoleon had become mature, and Squealer had become fat. New animals were now present on the farm. 

The Animal Farm was now prosperous. The windmill was complete and working fine now. But Snowball’s idea of a luxurious farm was nowhere to be seen. Poverty slowly vanished from Animal Farm.

The pigs and dogs were living a luxurious lifestyle while other animals were in the same condition as before (poor). Squealer always told the animals that the pigs and dogs had a lot of work to do on things like ‘reports’ and ‘files!’. 

No one on the farm remembered how things were before or after the rebellion. History was slowly being erased and changed by Napoleon and Squealer. Only old Benjamin remembered everything.

This dark side of the farm was only remembered by him. The young animals rejoiced at the fact that theirs was the only farm in England operated by animals.

One day, Clover was flabbergasted when she saw something terrible. All the animals rushed toward her and saw a pig walking on the hind leg.

Suddenly, a whole row of pigs came walking on hind legs, followed by Napoleon walking exactly like humans. No one protested but all animals were dumbstruck.

Clover gently took old Benjamin to the wall where the seven commandments were written. Both were astonished to read a single commandment that had replaced the old seven commandments.


All the pigs now copied humans. Whether it was their dress or their walking style, it all resembled human beings. The name Animal Farm was changed back to The Manor Farm (as in the days of Mr. Jones).

Deputations from neighboring farms visited Animal Farm. The animals went in to check and what they saw surprised them. There was a round table meeting between pigs and humans.

Mr. Pilkington of Foxwood gave a speech followed by a speech from Napoleon. The peculiar thing said by Mr. Pilkington was that if Animal Farm had working animals then his farm had a working class. Napoleon told everyone that Animal Farm was not a dream of Old Major but a co-operative enterprise jointly owned by the pigs.

All the animals were disappointed and returned when a brawl took place on the farm. For the animals, the pigs were no different than men.