Chapter 8

After the killings, the animals remembered that one animal killing the other was strictly prohibited in the sixth commandment. Clover and Muriel went on to read and found the sixth commandment to be, “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.

The animals worked even harder than the previous year. After all, building a windmill with thicker walls was not an easy task.

Squealer now dealt with everyday affairs as Napoleon was rarely seen. He was now addressed by Squealer as “our Leader, Comrade Napoleon“. Even a poem titled ‘Comrade Napoleon’ was composed by Minimus, the poet.

Snowball was rumored to be hiding in the Pinchfield farm. It was also circulated that Mr. Frederick was planning to destroy the windmill. Three hens were executed for conspiring against Napoleon. He was given extra security.

Napoleon announced some trade deals with Mr. Pilkington. Mr. Frederick was now hated by all the animals as it was believed that he was cruel to animals on his farm.

The wheat crop was not great this year and as usual, Snowball was blamed for this. The construction of the windmill was finished and all the animals were happy. Napoleon congratulated all of them. The mill was named Napoleon Mill. 

The trade deals were now announced to be made with Mr. Frederick. All the animals were dumbstruck. All the previous accusations against Mr. Frederick were rendered untrue. Snowball was now believed to be hiding in Mr. Pilkington’s farm. The pile of timber was sold to Mr. Frederick for twelve pounds.

After three days, it was found out that the notes that Mr. Frederick gave were duplicate. Napoleon pronounced the death sentence upon Mr. Frederick. Mr. Frederick attacked Animal Farm.

The battle was tough. A cow, three sheep, and two geese died. The windmill was destroyed again. The animal won but the scene of Animal Farm left them disappointed.

Napoleon celebrated the victory, there were songs, speeches, and gifts on this occasion. Napoleon conferred a new decoration (The Order of the Green Banner) upon himself.

Squealer made a new announcement that Comrade Napoleon was dying, but he soon recovered. Alcohol was now prohibited in Animal Farm. But on the contrary, Napoleon planned to sow Barley in Animal Farm.

 A strange incident now occurred. On a moonlit night, a noise was heard, all the animal rushed outside. Squealer with a broken ladder and a bucket of paint was found to be lying in the foot of the wall where the seven commandments were written. He was immediately escorted back to a safe place.