Chapter 2

After three days, the Old Major had died. With the help of his speech, all the animals began to see the world differently. They now had this important responsibility of working hard for the rebellion to take place. Though, they had no exact idea of when it will come yet they considered it their moral duty to work hard for its onset.

The pigs took the responsibility to continue the work of rebellion as they were the most intelligent animals on the farm. Snowball and Napoleon were two prominent pigs on the farm. Besides them, there was another pig known as Squealer.

The pigs spent several next days developing the views of Old Major into a system of thoughts and named it as “Animalism”. Many hurdles came in their way, as many animals questioned their thoughts and principles but they stopped at nothing.

Many questions were raised by Moses (the raven, who earlier skipped the meeting). Moses was the spy of Mr. Jones, and claimed about the existence of a mysterious country called “Sugarcandy Mountain”. Many animals believed him, especially Boxer and Clover who later started to believe the pigs.

Mr. Jones, after losing money became more of a drunkard and cared less about the animals. His workers were dishonest. They left the animals unattended, unfed for many days. The animals could not take it anymore and broke their cages.

Mr. Jones and his men started to beat the animals but the animals rebelled furiously and chased them away the next moment. Mr. and Mrs. Jones and their men ran for their lives.

The farm was freed from them and all the animals danced in happiness. Every tool that added to their misery was reduced to ashes. All the animals sang “Beasts of England” seven times and slept with peace.

They all woke up the next day and felt jubilant. They had their breakfast and were all summoned by Snowball and Napoleon. The name “Manor Farm” was changed to “Animal Farm”. The pigs presented the seven commandments derived from “Animalism”, that all the animals were bound to follow.

Now, the cows made a huge uproar as they were not milked. So, the pigs milked the cow. The fresh creamy milk caught everybody’s attention. Napoleon told the animals that hay harvest was more important than the milk. All the animals went to the field. Upon their return, the milk had disappeared mysteriously.