The Neighbours

Jim and Sue Bayliss

Jim is man of values and believes in the call of duty. He is an accomplished doctor and wants to help others by finding new cures through the domain of medical research.

He shares his optimistic worldview with Chris, much to the discontent of his wife Sue. However, he is committed to ensuring that he discharges his duties and responsibilities as a family man too.

Sue is the wife of Dr, Bayliss, who supported her husband through medical school. However, she does not approve of her Jim’s penchant for research and helping find cures for the incurable as she does not find the pursuit monetarily practical. She blames Chris for brainwashing her husband to take up a career in research.


Frank is man of superstitions and believes in horoscopes. He is the main counsel to Kate and emboldens her obsession with Larry’s return. He is married to Lydia.

Lydia Lubey

She is the ex-girlfriend of George but eventually married Frank. She is good friends with Kate and a devoted to her husband and children.


He is a small boy who lives next to the Kellers. He is on friendly terms with Joe and often plays with him.