Background of All My Sons

The story is about family, trust, lies and guilt. It is based around two families, the Kellers-Father Joe, Mother Kate and their two sons, Chris and Larry and the Deevers-Father Steve, daughter Ann and son George.

The two families are business partners as they produce aircrafts and defence equipment for the US army. The story is staged in three acts, all after the World War and takes recourse to flashbacks to complete the plot.

As it happened, Steve and Joe were convicted of selling faulty aircraft parts to the American army causing several plane crashes during the War. Keller is given a reprieve as he threw Steve Deever under the bus and blamed him for the entire charge. 

Larry Keller and Ann Deever are engaged to be married when Larry was conscripted in the War. During the War, news of his father’s conviction broke his resolve and he ended up crashing his aircraft which was later revealed to be a suicide dive.

Kate Keller had struggled to deal with her son’s demise and believed that her husband was complicit in their son’s death.