All My Sons – Act 2

Later that day the Kellers and Ann greet George. He seems incensed and reveals that he met his father Steve who told him about how he was framed by Joe Keller. He asks Ann to not marry Chris, whose father had ruined their family.

Chris does not take the accusation lightly while Joe remains unflustered. He cajoles George into believing that his father was just clutching on straws and blaming others to hide his own guilt. George calms down and sits for a family meal. 

Over the meal, Kate reveals that Joe has never been sick over one and half decades which stirs more suspicion in the mind of George. Joe had told everybody that he had flu when the faulty shipment was dispatched to the Army thus absolving him of any complicity in the crime. 

George is enraged and this causes Chris to ask him to leave the house. At the same time Kate brings Ann’s belongings and luggage and asks her to leave with his brother as Larry would soon return to bring her as his bride to the house.Chris is shocked at her mother’s actions as Ann leave with her brother.

Now Chris confronts his parents. His mother, Kate argues for Larry’s life because accepting his death would imply that he was killed by his own father. This causes further heartburn to Chris who had never accused his father of such heartless and cruel misdoings.

Joe’s silence proves his guilt but he insists that Larry’s plane did not have the parts that they had sold. He defends his decision to sell the parts as he wanted to save his family business and ensure his family’s survival. Chris is disenchanted by his father’s words.

He says that even if Joe did not cause his son’s death, he was till responsible for the deaths of other pilots who were like his own son. Joe is rattled by Chris’s lamentation and breaks into tears of incurable remorse. Chris leaves in disgust.