The Deevers

Steve Deever (Father)

He is man of business who was convicted of profiteering during the War and sent to prison. He is a concerned family man and does not want his daughter to marry in to the Keller family.

Ann Deever (Daughter)

Ann is a pretty and sensible young lady who has lived a life of loss and devastation. Experiencing the death of her sweetheart Larry and the conviction of her father Steve has created a big hole in her life.

She knows about the reason behind Larry’s disappearance (the letter) but does not share it until the very end in order to protect the sentiments of his family. She is graceful in her posturing with Chris and finally accepts his proposal as she believes in his righteous conduct and values.

She is headstrong and strong-willed in dealing with a disgruntled Kate but never oversteps the mark or hurts her feelings.

George Deever (Son)

George is a concerned son and brother. He is protective of his sister Ann and tries to save her from a painful marriage with Chris after learning of his father’s ill fate.

However, he is rational and does understand that his father had many priors and committed his fair share of other mistakes and misdemeanors. He is also a bit impressionable as seen by his change of stances throughout the play.