Julius Caesar Short Summary

Victory of Julius Caesar

The play opens with a crowd that has gathered to celebrate the victory of Julius Caesar over the sons of Pompey. But Flavius & Marullus being jealous of Julius Caesar oppose this celebration & show pity for Pompey.

They force the crowd to go back to their respective works. Thus the tribunes are afraid of the growing power of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar goes with his wife Calpurnia & his other men to celebrate the feast of Lupercal. A soothsayer warns Julius Caesar to beware the Ides of March (15th of March). However the latter ignores this.

Cassius Poisons Mind of Brutus

Julius Caesar is offered a crown by Mark Antony but he refuses the offer three times and is praised by the commoners. Caius Cassius a hater of Julius Caesar tries to poison the mind of Marcus Brutus who is a friend of Julius Caesar.

As he talks in a tricky manner, he succeeds in drawing Brutus into the conspiracy against Julius Caesar. During the night there is a lot of thunder, lightning, storm etc. that frightens Casca who is very superstitious.

Cassius, being cunning, interprets the meaning of these all happenings to Casca in such a way that Casca also joins the conspirators.

Being a loyal friend of Julius Caesar as well as a lover of his subjects, Brutus becomes double-minded and confused so as to which of them he should choose. Ultimately he sides with the well being of Romans. Plan for the murder of Julius Caesar is made.

Calpurnia tries to Stop Caesar

After others have gone, Portia, the wife of Brutus asks him about the matter & the latter tells her about the plan. The following morning (15th of March), Calpurnia, the wife of Julius Caesar tries to stop him from going to Senate, as she has seen some omens last night that signifies that something terrible is about to happen.

Julius Caesar agrees with her at last but there appears Decius Brutus (a conspirator) who interprets the omen in such a way that Julius Caesar agrees to go to the Senate at last. Artemidorus a well-wisher of Julius Caesar somehow discovers the conspiracy.

While standing in the street he tries to tell Julius Caesar about the conspiracy by giving him a letter but Julius Caesar doesn’t read the letter.

Julius Caesar is Stabbed

Portia, being much upset about Brutus, sends her servant, Lucius to see what is going on. Julius Caesar, being unaware of the danger, reaches Capitol, and is stabbed to death by conspirators. Casca stabs his firstly & Brutus in the last.

Julius Caesar dies by saying “You too, Brutus!” After the death of Julius Caesar, Brutus calms down the astonished public, by acting very wisely & telling the reason for killing him.

Mark Antony acts diplomatically. After seeking permission from the conspirators, he delivers such a speech that enrages the crowd against conspirators for killing Julius Caesar. The mob in its anger kills Cinna; the poet assuming that he is none but Cinna; the conspirator.

Plans for War

Mark Antony & Octavius discusses plans to fight with the conspirators. The conspirators flee to Asia so as to save themselves from the outraged mob. There they prepare to attack the supporters of Julius Caesar.

Cassius uses unethical methods to collect money so as to give to the soldiers & thus a quarrel starts between Cassius & Brutus. But soon reconciliation happens. Brutus is informed that Portia has swallowed poison & is dead.

The ghost of Julius Caesar appears & warns Brutus that they will again meet at Philippi, where the battle was supposed to be fought. Warriors reach the battlefield i.e. Philippi & there an exchange of bitter words takes place. Brutus & Cassius take their positions.

Battle Begins

Cassius wrongly assumes that Antony’s forces have surrounded him & makes his servant Pindarus stab him to death. Pindarus does accordingly.

Brutus defeats Octavius, but on learning that Cassius has committed suicide, thinks that the ghost of Julius Caesar is still powerful. After the battle resumes, Brutus is defeated & commits suicides.

Antony & Octavius reach the dead body & recognize the greatness of the man. Peace is restored in the country.