Julius Caesar Theme Essay

A Political Play

This play concentrates mainly on political aspects of society. Every nation has a certain type of government which it deserves. The type of government doesn’t change the death or murder of the ruler.

In the play, Julius Caesar, we see that the subjects treat the ruler as God & have no issues. Though some of the people try to change the government, they fail to do so because the subjects have love & respect for their ruler.

This can be judged by the reaction of the mob over the speech of Mark Antony. Though Caesar dies in the play, the Caesarism, which the conspirators wanted to end remains alive as Mark Antony himself ascends the throne.

A Tragedy

This play is based on the tragedy of major characters who die because of their own mistakes. Julius Caesar dies because of his ego & increasing power. Brutus dies because of his idealism.

Cassius dies because of assuming a secondary position in the conspiracy & agreeing to the wrong decisions of Brutus. Thus this play is the tragedy of characters.