Great Expectations Part 3 (Chapters 40-59)

In the morning Pip feels that some person has peeped into his house. He runs to the watchman and both search for him. However, he cannot be traced. Pip tries to talk to the convict whom he calls Uncle Provis.

Later he tells Pip that his original name is Abel Magwitch. Pip goes to Jaggers to confirm whether Magwitch was really his benefactor and gets the feedback in affirmative.

Herbert returns back and Pip introduces him to Magwitch. In private, Pip talks to Herbert and tells him about the real identity of his benefactor. It is decided to shift Magwitch to some other apartment until his escape is planned. 

Pip buys all the necessary articles for him.  Pip tells that he will not accept any money from Magwitch. In the morning Magwitch comes for breakfast and starts telling about his life. 

He tells them that from the beginning he used to steal onions to feed himself. He met Compeyson who brought him into a criminal career. He had already made one of his fellow, namely Aurthur drug addict.

Once both Magwitch and Compeyson were caught. Compeyson cleverly got mild punishment from the court by turning Magwitch on and showing the gentleman’s manners.  

Pip memorises the night in which Magwitch tried to take revenge from Compeyson (while they were arrested; in part one of the novel).   

Herbert gives a note to Pip telling him Aurthur is the half-brother of Miss Havisham and Compeyson was the man who deceived her on the day of their marriage.

Pip feels socially low and decides to leave Estella. He departs for Satis House and on the way, he stops at an inn and finds Drummle there. His sight irritates him. 

Pip reaches Havisham’s House and confessing his love for Estella also tells that he is low in status and thus won’t be suitable for Estella.

To his surprise, Estella tells him that she is going to marry Drummle. He tries his best to deviate her decision but fails and goes away heart-broken.

Reaching the gate of his house, he receives a letter (from Wemmick) asking him not to enter his house. He spends the night at some inn and remains worried throughout the night. 

He goes to Wemmick the next day and learns that Compeyson is trying to find Magwitch and Herbert have hidden Magwitch in the house of his girlfriend (Clara).

Pip goes to Clara’s house. He comes to know that Clara’s guardian is a drunkard and her care-taker is a noble and sympathetic lady. He meets Magwitch but does not reveal to him about the Compeyson for his safety.

Pip waits for Wemmick’s order to execute the plan for Magwitch’s escape. Having refused to use Magwitch’s money, Pip goes into debt and becomes quite poor. The thought of Estella’s marriage with Drummle haunts his mind but he tries to keep himself unconscious of it.

To get relief from depression, he goes to the theatre to see the performance of Wopsle. There he comes to know that Compeyson is spying on him. He tells about it to Herbert and Wemmick.

The next day, he receives a letter from Miss Havisham in the house of Jaggers asking Pip to visit her. Pip watches Molly’s activities (maid of Jaggers) and concludes that she is the mother of Estella.

Later Wemmick tells him that Molly had committed the murder of a woman and her child and was thus imprisoned. After being acquitted (by the help of Jaggers) she remained in the service of Jaggers and the latter gave her child (Estella) to Havisham.

Pip goes to Satis House where Havisham repents for making Estella heartless and also tells him that she has been married to Drummle. Pip is deeply hurt, however, he forgives her and departs.

He fears that Havisham may not harm herself, so goes in her room again and finds her in flames. He tries to extinguish the fire. Meanwhile, the surgeon comes and attends Havisham.

Pip finds both his hands badly burnt. He asks Matthew Pocket to inform Estella about the incident who is Paris and himself returns to London.

In London, Herbert takes his care well. He tells Pip that Molly is the wife of Magwitch and thus Estella is the daughter of Magwitch and Molly.

He goes to Jaggers and surprises him by telling that he knows the whole truth about Estella and her parents. Jaggers also come to know about the good side of Wemmick. Pip receives a letter from Wemmick asking him to prepare for Magwitch’s escape.

Pip and Herbert do accordingly. Pip receives another letter as well from an anonymous person who asks him to travel to marshes and meet him if he desired the safety of Magwitch. 

Pip departs and spends some time at an inn. There he goes to tears by memorising his cold behaviour towards Joe and Biddy. From there he leaves for the exact location and reaches there. 

His candle extinguishes and in the dark, he suddenly receives hard blows and is finally tied to a wall. He sees the face of Orlick who tells him that he is going to kill him.

Orlick also tells him that he attacked his sister, spied over him, came to his house in that night (when Magwitch came) and also has befriended Compeyson to plot against Magwitch.

He also tells Pip that the latter dismissed him from Havisham’s job and thus he wants to take revenge. As he advances to attack, Pip shouts and suddenly Herbert along with Startop (who also took tuitions from Matthew Herbert) and Wemmick enter and rescue him. Orlick runs away. They return back to London and make a plan for Magwitch’s escape.

In the morning Pip and Herbert take Magwitch from the house of Clara’s house and depart for their destination. They reach the place from where they would get a steamer to cross the border.

They stay in an inn. However, the feeling of being chased remain in their minds. In the morning as they head towards the steamer. Suddenly they see Police coming along with Compeyson. Magwitch at once jumps over Compeyson and both fall into the sea. After some time only Magwitch comes up. Compeyson is drowned

Magwitch is arrested by the Police. He parts from Pip with profound grief. He returns back to London. There he meets Jaggers who does not like the fact that Pip has lost all his fortune and even get angry with him.

Herbert takes leave from Pip to settle in another country. Wemmick, in order to make Pip feel better, takes him to Church. There he marries his girlfriend Miss Skiffins.

Pip starts visiting Magwitch in the prison regularly. Magwitch is awarded death sentence. Pip tries his best to save him but does not get any response to his requests and petitions.

On the day of Magwitch’s execution, the former tells the latter that Estella is his daughter who is alive and he loves her. Hearing this Magwitch dies peacefully.

Pip at his home becomes ill. Being heavily indebted he is arrested. However, due to severe illness, he is released soon. One night he finds Joe beside him and surprises to know that he was there for many days.

Joe takes his care well. Joe tells Pip that Orlick was arrested for robbing Pumblechook’s house, Havisham died and her property was divided.

He also tells him that Estella was leading a very miserable life with Dummle as he was cruel to her and recently he died in an accident.

Pip desires to tell the whole truth about his benefactor but Joe goes away. Pip departs for Marshes where Joe lives in order to apologise and also to marry Biddy. On the way is taunted by Pumblechook.

Reaching there, he finds that Joe and Biddy have married. He blesses them both and goes to Herbert and lives with him. Herbert marries Clara. 

After 12 years he returns back and goes to the ruined house garden of Havisham’s house, He finds Estella there and thus both are united.