Essay on Election


Everyone in life takes decisions in one or the other way to fulfill a targeted plan. Election, basically, is a kind of decision making.

But, here the decision is taken collectively by a large number of people living in a state or a country. The decision is taken formally to choose a leader to lead a particular society, state or country.

Election in India

An election conducted in India is generally of four kinds. First, General Elections or Lok Sabha Elections by which the members of the lower house are elected by the adult citizens of India.

Second, State Assembly or Vidhan Sabha Election by which the members of the State Legislative Assembly are directly voted by a group of candidates belonging from their respective constituencies.

Third, By-election is conducted to make an appropriate replacement for the unexpected vacancy either in Rajya Sabha or in Lok Sabha.

Fourth, Rajya Sabha Election or Upper House Election by which the members are elected indirectly by the citizens of the country.

The process of elections comprises of the nomination of the candidates, campaigning, polling, and counting. They are conducted according to the constitutional provisions and the laws made by Parliament. 


Elections give people their right to select someone of their choice who will be able to run the governing bodies of the state. Elections have democratic goals to fulfill.

People have expectations of being treated equally in a society with all the rights they own according to the Constitution of the country. By choosing someone of their own choice, they ensure an independent life in a particular state.